Distilled Studios features the collaborative work of Photographer, Christopher Scalzi, and Art Director, Mary Schafrath. Together, they are a creative force whose focus in studio photography brings out the best in their partnership. Together, they are a dynamic combination of artistic and technical. Both are drawn to a similar aesthetic of richly designed light and striking poses. Ultimately: the making of beautiful things.

As an Art Director and Designer in New York for over ten years, Mary has built her career working with brands in fashion, editorial, and marketing. Whether she’s directing photography or crafting the perfect marketing message, Mary is passionate about developing content with an authentic brand voice and having the freedom to grow a brand’s following.

As the owner and lead technician of an IT company in New York, Data Panda, Chris realized his passion for photography while attending the Film Video Arts in New York in 2003. He has since participated in numerous exhibitions of his photography work throughout the years. Moving to New York full-time in 2014, Chris is excited to continue honing his craft with a wider audience.