About Us

Chris is a Photographer whose passion lies in portraiture and capturing the essence of his subjects through a combination of technical craft and human connection. Chris partnered with New York-based influencer Maryjane Fahey in 2018 to develop the brand Glorious Broads. Through this collaboration, he works with fascinating individuals to provide a space for them to assert their inner strength and power. Chris enjoys hosting dinner parties with friends, dry ciders, and capturing images of people with interesting stories.

Mary is a Creative Director and Visual UX Designer who thrives in guiding digital journeys through strategy and beautiful design. Mary transitioned to digital and website design in 2014 after a decade of freelancing in fashion and editorial design. She’s now passionate about working with multidisciplinary teams focused on user experience. Currently working in Design Operations with IBM Security product teams, Mary enjoys Nintendo Switch’s Ring Fit Adventure, late-night tacos, and collecting brilliant people on her quest for world domination.

Christopher Scalzi


Mary Schafrath

Visual Designer & Art Director